The European Directive on the energy performance in buildings (2002/91/EC) requires an Energy Performance Certificate to be provided whenever any commercial property is built, sold or let.

EU legislation requires Energy Performance Certificates for non-domestic commercial buildings on construction, sale or rent, starting with the largest buildings from 6 April 2008. Implementation will start with buildings with a gross floor area over 10,000 m2 This will be extended to buildings over 2,500 m2 on 1st July 2008, and nearly all non-domestic commercial buildings from 1st October 2008.


The volumes and variety of properties requiring assessment is enormous, these will include retail units, shops, factories, offices, warehouses, restaurants, pubs, hotels, garages, and many other type commercial buildings.

Energy Performance Certificates and Recommendation Reports can only be produced by a qualified and accredited commercial energy assessor. The accreditation and competence of the assessor must be suitable for the complexity of the building.

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